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Cash Management

Cash Management Solutions

Receivable Solutions

Accelerate access to your receivables, increase operating efficiencies and provide your customers the flexible payment options they demand with a receivable solution designed for the way you operate.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks from your office for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. Increase efficiency by eliminating daily trips to the bank, and simplify your recording with Remote Deposit Capture.

Lockbox Service

With Lockbox Service, Busey receives, processes and deposits your incoming payments, giving you enhanced cash flow and efficient processing, and superior customer service. Streamline your collection process and access your receivables faster with Lockbox Service.

Smart Pay

Enhance customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty while reducing in-house paperwork, billing and payment processing expenses with SmartPay, a user-friendly web payment interface. SmartPay's online reporting provides you up-to-date information with the click of a mouse.

Merchant Services

Your customers demand the option to make debit and credit card purchases. To provide your customers the convenience they desire while maintaining your high security standards, rely on Busey’s Merchant Services program. Merchant Services gives you faster, more convenient access to your funds.


Payable Solutions

Improve audit trail information, increase staff productivity and control your daily cash flow with a payable solution tailored to your payment volume and accounting cycles.

Positive Pay

Check fraud is a reality—mitigate the risk with Busey’s Positive Pay. Checks presented for payment are compared to a report of checks issued by your company; Busey pays all matched items and reports unmatched items to you, allowing you to decide whether to pay. Fraudulent checks will be recognized and returned the day they are presented for payment, giving you peace of mind.


Collect payments faster, make payments without the need to issue checks, concentrate balances from other financial institutions into your Busey account, pay vendors electronically, and more with ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination. Cut-off time for ACH transfers is 4 p.m. CST.

Click here to review NACHA Recent & Upcoming Amendments.


Busey's PayCard eliminates the costs and hassles of paper checks and revolutionizes the way your employees receive and access their pay. Now all of your employees can enjoy the convenience of direct deposit, whether they are "unbanked" or traditionally banked, and you can save time, money and hassles.

Business Credit Cards

Take advantage of up to 45 days of float by utilizing a business credit card for purchases. Busey's family of Visa® Business credit cards offers your business flexibility and security—individual spending limits and robust reporting help you manage expenses. Learn more


Liquidity Solutions

Optimize returns and reduce your workload with liquidity solutions designed to make your cash work hard for you—not the other way around.


Eliminate idle cash and gain greater control of your funds with ZBA (Zero Balance Account). Funds are maintained in a centralized funding account and swept into the ZBA to cover expenses—automatically.


Make the most of your cash balances&—invest excess funds automatically with a sweep. Each evening, funds in excess of a pre-determined target balance are automatically transferred into an interest bearing account, maximizing your return while saving you the time and hassle of juggling multiple accounts.


Information Reporting Solutions

To make timely decisions for your business, you need up-to-date information. Rely on Busey to provide the information you need so you can get back to business.

Business Access @ Busey

Access your business accounts securely online—anytime, anywhere. Secure, flexible and fully integrated, this product provides high-performance 24/7 commercial internet banking, allowing you to make accurate decisions based on real-time information. Sophisticated and flexible funds management capabilities allow authorized employees to make controlled disbursements and transfers. Learn more

Image CD

Get organized quickly with Image CDs. No more searching for checks or bank statements—with Image CDs, they are at your fingertips. Busey's software makes it easy to search, view and print transactions and check images.

Cash Collection and Concentration

Busey's Cash Collection and Concentration services provide you instant and accurate business account information to maximize your effectiveness in managing your cash flow.


Fraud Protection Solutions

No organization is immune to fraud attempts, but the best defense against fraud is a great offense. Help protect your accounts with Busey?s Positive Pay Solutions for checks or ACH. Positive Pay provides an efficient and simple way to minimize your vulnerability to fraud.

Check Positive Pay Solutions

A simple file upload of your check disbursements can mitigate the risk of your account being compromised. With Positive Pay, your company submits a file of checks issued, and we compare incoming presentments to your file for accuracy. Verified presentments are paid automatically, while disbursements that do not match your file are reported to you—the decision to pay or return unmatched items is in your hands. Your relationship manager will help you choose the right level of protection for your business - Check Positive Pay, Check Positive Pay Plus or Check Positive Pay Premier.

ACH Positive Pay Solutions

ACH Positive Pay gives you the ability to allow only authorized companies or organizations to debit or credit your account, protecting you from fraudulent transactions. Contact a relationship manager to find out which level of protection is right for your business - ACH Positive Pay or ACH Positive Pay Plus.

Put your mind at ease with Positive Pay so you can get down to the business of running your business.


Whatever your financial needs, Busey promises the resources to help you succeed.
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A top partner for your bottom line.

You've worked hard to realize your dream of opening a business.

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